Whole Body Fix Level 1 Home version

Whole Body Fix Level 1 Home version

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Reverse aging with movement!

Whole Body Fix is not another QiGong set!
We've taken principles and body mechanics from QiGong/GongFu, along with moving the body through all planes of movement, applying contralateral (climbing/swimming/crawling) motion, and moving in "opposite reciprocals" to REPROGRAM the entire body/brain!
It's nothing like you've seen before!
This program was originally created to change physio-emotional patterns from trauma. 
Think about it...
If your body replaces all of its cells (Jonas Frisén says)...
Regenerates all of your tissues...
AND your body is brand new every 7 years...
Why do we not have healthier bodies?
Why do we regenerate weak bones, impaired organs and tissues?
Why don't we grow taller?
Well, either we DON'T regenerate, or
Our cells have MEMORY.
One of the reasons why motivation and psyching yourself up don't have a lasting impact, is because your body is smarter than you.
Do you know how to regenerate liver cells?
No. But your liver does.
Why do we train Whole Body Fix?
Because we're creating MEMORY, which is like data storage.
You can think something for days, but a physical experience will last forever.

WHOLE BODY FIX has 3 levels
1. Basic (Wuji)
2. Intermediate (Taiji)
3. Advanced (Bagua)
Levels are $80 each!