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Heart Qigong (Digital Access)

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HEART QIGONG is really better called "Fire Element" QiGong. It has a strong effect on the Pericardium, Triple Heater, Heart and Small Intestine Meridians, as well as their collateral channels.The HEART is the "Seat of the soul". Please don't underestimate! Heart QiGong contains exercises not seen in books or any DVD.The purpose of the set is to:
1. Open the physical heart center
2. Clean and dredge the heart and pericardium meridians.
3. Create even flow of Qi and blood along the triple heater.
4. Connect the heart Qi to the upper Dan Tian.
5. Balance the internal pressure.
6. Helps oxygenate the whole body
7. Increase Qi and blood flow everywhere, as heart deals with circulation
8. Create stronger whole body energetics.
No Medical Claims